7 amazing Facts about diluc of genshin impact

How to Unlock Diluc in Genshin Impact, How to Get Diluc

In Genshin Impact, Diluc is a five-star flamethrower character who plays a pivotal part in the storyline. Diluc looks to be a secretive yet handsome man who is concentrated on his company, the outside looking in. However, as many fans know, Diluc is far more than just the proprietor of a well-known bar.

Diluc is outspoken about his dislike for knights, and shown in his tale quest; he likes roaming the streets late in the evening to ensure the residents of Mondstadt are safe. Diluc is prepared and ready to put himself in harm’s way to safeguard the city he cares about. In this article, we are going to discuss some facts about diluc, how to unlock diluc in genshin impact or how to get diluc

Amazing facts about diluc

He is concerned about Jean.

Despite his blatant hatred for the Companions of Favionius, Diluc connects with Jean. Some gamers assume the two are interested in a relationship with one another. He’s ready to work with Jean to combat Stormterror, and he throws her a party. He enjoys her company and admires her efforts to defend Mondstadt.

Diona is someone he wishes to befriend.

Outside of someone being bothered by his brother Kaeya & his connection with Jean, Diluc looks like a bit of a solitary. Diluc is one individual Diluc would like to get to understand clearly. Diona, on the other hand, despises Diluc, believing that his wine is the root of all her problems. They both hate drinking, but only Diluc is indeed aware of this.

Hate Alcohol

Diluc loathes alcohol, probably owns a famous vineyard & runs a pub. He maintains that he detests the taste of all liquor and wants to avoid it altogether, while many residents believe that he simply has extremely refined preferences in beverages. Diluc recognizes the allure of booze and makes it a point to keep a tight check on his firm. He may not love consuming alcoholic drinks, although he qualms about selling them.

He used to be a lot more bubbly than he is now.

Despite his serious demeanor, Diluc had a more optimistic attitude. Diluc’s disposition was considerably different for four years, even before the game began when he was a twinkly 18-year-old youngster regarded as brilliant by the warriors. Diluc’s previous demeanor is a far cry from the one gamers have grown to adore.

Don’t trust knights

Diluc’s four-year journey, character shift, and hatred of chivalry are all tied to his dad’s passing. Diluc was stuck in the crossfire of an assault, & his dad attempted to save him, but his false eyesight malfunctioned, murdering him in the attempt. Diluc grew plagued with remorse after the warriors hushed up the cause of his dad’s death. Diluc began to lose trust in the warriors as a result of this.

He is Rich

Diluc lives in a mansion on the outskirts of town, encircled by his workers. Travelers observed Diluc’s booze was popular in Teyvat as they progressed through the games. Parents bring alcohol in from Diluc, as well as Mondstadt was a big drinker. Diluc is one of the richest people in the game, because to Teyvat’s penchant for booze. Perhaps one Mondstadt’s most important enterprises is Diluc’s Moonlight Winery.

He isn’t a big fan of art.

Diluc isn’t good at collecting art, even though his house is filled with it. As it happens out, Diluc received the art through his father, but he’s opted to keep it on as a reminder of the father he adored and saw sadly die.

how to unlock diluc in genshin impact or how to get diluc

Many gamers are on the lookout for methods to enlist the help of their favorite heroes. Before you begin, consider that Diluc is not as easy to obtain as Kaeya and Amber since he is not accessible for free.

How to Get Diluc in Genshin Impact

Using the Gacha Pon Wish method is the only process of hiring Diluc. Yes, you read that correctly. In a nutshell, it all comes down to chance, and if you’re lucky, the player will be joined to your party.


Diluc is among the genshin game’s 5-Star players. There is no method to uncover this individual through the tale or the free world, and it is up to you to fulfill a chance to unlock Diluc. I hope you like the article on how to unlock diluc in genshin impact or how to get diluc and amazing facts on him.