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The Accelerant Series Sixth Extinction by James Morris Robinson is mainly a riveting story that powerfully depicts radicalism and folly at their peak. Readers are also introduced to two radical and highly intelligent characters, Jeff and Kyle, who are determined to reset the world by deploying a nuclear heat powerful enough to destroy the entire world, causing the sixth extinction. Faced with the strength of the mobilized navy and other forces, will they succeed? Robinson’s book is mainly an epic tale of folly and bravery, a tale packed with action. The characters are compelling enough to grab the interest of readers, and Jeff and Kyle form a pair -readers will not forget for a long time after they have completed reading the book. The Sixth Extinction is gripping and engrossing, laced with vivid descriptions and interesting dialogues. It is entertaining to watch the “Shepherds,” a group composed of leaders of the world’s Islamic radical movements (Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, ISIS, al-Shabaab), as they gather together to deliberate on an important course of action to take about the imminent global crisis. Although this is a work of fiction, it reads so realistically because it draws from scientific facts that seem to be well researched and it centers on realities that affect humanity at this age.