Best strategies to ace your multiple-choice question in NEET Exam

Best strategies to ace your multiple-choice question in NEET Exam

NEET, i.e., National Eligibility Entrance Test, is known as one of the country’s most challenging Exams. NEET is an entirely MCQ-based question Exam. Knowing and understanding these strategies and implementing them in your schedule will be a benefit for you. All these tricks and strategies are researched-based and practically applied by students.
The aspirants get confused while solving the MCQ’s so we can call them the Most Confusing questions. Whatever we may call it, no one can deny that they could be potentially the most scoring parts of our exams.

1. Never follow the sequence: – Many aspirants start solving their paper sequence wise, i.e., from Q1 or last question from backwords, never follow the sequence what you have to follow or what you have to do is attempt the MCQ’S in 3 stages, break your 3 hours in 3 stages’ because the time is the most significant limitation in MCQ exam.
The first stage is 45 mins in these 45 mins. Whether online or offline, go through the paper once and attempt those questions, which are easy and not time-consuming because it has been observed that if the aspirants follow the sequence, they also get in depression.
The second stage, 1.5 hours in this stage, solves those tricky and time-consuming questions, but you can solve them, andthe last stage is the time to tackle those challenging questions and perhaps make some intelligent guesses.

2. Elimination: – Elimination means in those 4 options, the aspirant has confusion then start elimination each option. The first step is to remove the offset answer, which means that option is unrelated to that question. The psychological reason behind this is that the answer is always in the confusing line-up stage. Therefore, eliminate them.
Second step According to research and paper analysis of NEET Exam in many MCQ’S, all of the above and none of the above option is given, then 95% answer to the question is that only.

3. Don’t rush: – Before solving, read the question twice, pay attention to those words like not, always, which completely change the question also, check the requirement of the question and underline essential keywords. To avoid rushing time, always think about the consequences of a poorly done job. Based on your questions you’ll come to the conclusion on whether you can rush it or not. The biggest mistake aspirants make is not reading the paper properly and rushing to attempt the answers.

Relax before starting the paper, anxiety only deteriorates your ability to make decisions and react to challenging situations. Mark the questions into two categories easy and difficult. This will help you to understand the level of paper and you can plan accordingly. And yes, easy questions always give us confidence, so don’t loose marks to the hasty errors.

4. Context-based memory: – Sometimes we ponder over MCQ questions with foggy answers in our mind, we are trying our level best to recall the correct answer, but you’re just stuck, and to the rescue, our psychology has a trick called context-based memory it says that to recall the missing information.

Try to recall where you studied that piece of information was it in an NCERT book or studied in NEET Coaching or read it in other notes, even try to remember on which side of the page that concept was mentioned, that may trigger your mind to connect the dots and find the correct answer to your confused question. It even works when you forget your keys.

5. Practice: There is no other strategy that beats this strategy because practicing every day, checking answers, clearing the doubts and concepts, and understanding the types of questions asked. Perhaps make a perfect timetable.

Sometimes in subjects like physics, you can directly put each option in each question and whichever satisfies the question is the answer. Practice chapter-wise tests, Mock tests, and NEET past year papers. Best NEET Coaching institutes provide Mock tests.
Concept practice and question practice both improve your accuracy and speed. Speed without accuracy and accuracy without speed both are cursed to fail.

6. Memorize it thoroughly: – The only trick is to practice and memorize every little concept for the NEET exam. There is no shortcut. No one can memorize every little topic, but at least try to understand and clear the concepts.
Aspirants are advised to memorize essential formulas, concepts, and definitions; many questions in the NEET exam are memory-based. Therefore, they need to focus more on the concepts and their application to score more in the NEET exam.

Conclusion: – Make your mindset first solve biology, chemistry, and then physics and try to easy question first and medium and tricky question in 2nd round. The first thing to start your preparation is determined. The determination to fight, to conquer, to taste success. Then the confidence will automatically form in you.