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Indian matka games are a form of lottery played throughout India and, to a lesser extent, in countries with strong Indian communities. The name ‘matka’ comes from the container in which bets are placed: a clay pot, or ‘katori’ in Hindi, which resembles a satta matka 

The most common form of Indian matka game is sangram or hit win. This will be the game covered in this article. There are several variations of sangram, but the principles remain the same.

Players place bets on whether numbers will win a race between two discs, known as dolls. Players who pick the winning number on their ticket win their stake back times the doll ratio (usually 50/1).

Below is a diagram of the mechanics involved in sangram games. The red and black discs, or dolls, are released at the same time. They each have 17 numbers and each number is drawn between them evenly, meaning

The red doll will go a half length of the matka longer than the black doll
If one of the dolls beats the other by one length, it’s a hit, or sangram. If they’re equal in length on the finish line, it’s a draw.

Players are then given seven twists of a genji (the device that swings the dolls) to determine the winning number. The number that the red doll would have reached on the seventh twist is marked and this becomes the winning number.

The principle behind this game is that players are placing a bet on which doll will win, as it’s unknown which will be the winner until after the race. It’s also worth noting that the odds are 50/1 regardless of which number wins – this makes it easy to know the stakes for any frame.

How to play indian matka games: setting stakes
Players set their stakes by marking their k
(measured in inches) on a string, which is then stretched across the matka. The lengths on the string represent the value of the stakes.

So, for example, if the string is set to 8 k, players should leave 8 k, in small bills, on the frame. This is known as setting spot. Spot is always left on the frame, rather than with a bookmaker.

Players also receive a ticket with all the numbers on from the bookmaker (also known as kabadiwala). The length of the ticket represents the length of the race between the red and black dolls.

How to play indian matka games: playing and winning
Upon setting spot and receiving your ticket, you’re ready to play sangram.

The player now twists the genji seven times, looking at how far each doll has moved each time. They mark down each number that each doll has landed on, and compare these when finishing
to see which number the red doll would have reached at the finish. This number is the winning number for the frame.

Should the red doll have ended between two numbers, either one can be picked, as long as it’s not a common number such as 8 (which can appear on multiple tickets).

Once the winning number has been picked, players can bet on which doll they think will reach this number. Players can bet on either the red or black doll.

The release period after each frame is very short – players have just two minutes to place their bet before the genji swings again.

Once all seven twists of the genji have been finished, the race is over, and players can collect their winnings. Winners collect both their stake back and twice their stake in profit.

How to play indian matka games: playing safe
Although sangram is straightforward and easy to learn, there are a few tricks

that players can use to gain an advantage and make more profit.

One trick is to never pick number 8. Although this number appears often, it has a twist rule of always landing on number 6. By not picking 8, you avoid losing a large stake, as well as avoiding confusing other players who may pick this number thinking it’s a common 8.

Another trick is to remember the numbers that the red and black dolls land on first. By doing this, you’ll know the running positions of the two dolls, and be able to predict in which order they’ll land on their other numbers. This will allow you to predict which other numbers the other numbers will be, and allow you to pick more easily winning numbers.

How to play indian matka games: winning strategies
Playing matka games offers players a huge opportunity to win big. Although bookmakers often set an opening stake at 10 rupees, players can play at lower