How To Fix Ads.txt File Issue In WordPress or Blogger Earning At Risk AdSense Explained in Hindi


This is very common issue to new  ad sense accounts.And its put the impact on our revenue . Its necessary to fix. So want to know how to fix the issue Lets proceed .You can follow the video  to fix the issue in your website.

Follow the instructions

How to Get Your Ads.txt File?

1. The First login to your AdSense dashboard, you will see your error at the top of the dashboard. Just below you will see which of your domains have an error, if multiple domains are seen, then you need to fix the error in those domains.
2. You will see the Fix Now option on the right, click here.
3. Go to the next page and get a download button now, click here to download your ads.txt file,
4. Open the download file, you will see in the file that your publisher ID has been taken automatically. You need to copy this file and save it to the root directory of your site database.
5. Copy this code and save it in your notebook.

How to Submit Ads.txt Using Plugin?

1. Go to your WordPress admin panel,
2. Click on the plugin,
3. Add new,
4. Search ads.txt manager  on the plugin search bar,
5. You can see the ads.txt manager plugin, install and activate it,
6. Go to the setting option and click the ads.txt option,
7. Copy and paste the saved ads.txt file into this blank box,
8. Save changes.



I hope you understand how to permanently solve the AdSense ads.txt warning. I would say don’t avoid the error at all, fix it using the above method. If you like the post, please like and share it.