PPT Sharing Sites List 2022

      PPT Sharing Sites List By Manim Adhikari


PPT sharing sites are the latest way of digital marketing you can promote your Business on the Internet by sharing ppt on ppt submission sites.

You can share your slides for free on websites like slideshare.net, issuu.com, and many more websites.

Sharing ppt slides can help you or your business to reach out to new customers, and share information about your business and services.


ppt-sharing-sites by Manim


Below I have shown you how you can submit or upload your PPT on slideshare.net, the process will be mostly the same on other sites.

First, you have to create an account on Slideshare.

Free PPT Submission Sites List

One of the best ppt submission sites with high domain authority and Alexa rank. Share your PPT to these free ppt submission sites list and get the backlinks for your blog.

Sr. No. PPT Submission Sites
1 Issuu.com
2 Slide Share.com
3 Scribd.com
4 Animoto.com
5 Ziddu.Com
6 Slide Rocket.com
7 Author Stream.com
8 4 Shared
9 Slide Roll.com
10 Brain Shark.com
11 Crocko.com
12 Note And Point.com
13 Power Show.com
14 Present.me
15 Slide Boom.com
16 Templates Wise.com
17 2 Shared.com
18 Slide Serve.com
19 Slide Snack.com
20 M 62.com
21 Edocr.com
22 Slide Bank.com
23 Vcasmo.com
24 MasiUp.com
25 PresentationFX.com
26 Presenter Media.com
27 Share Presentation.com
28 Slides.com
29 Div Share.com
30 Clear Slide.com
31 Yudu.com
32 PDF Slide.us
33 Slide World.com
34 Uploaded.net
35 Wattpad.com
36 Lulu.com
37 Slide Serve.com
38 Visual.ly
39 Data File Host.com
40 Smash Words.com
41 Edocr.com
42 Box.com
43 Emaze.com
44 Author Stream.com
45 Calameo.com
46 Media Fire.com
47 Zentation.com
48 Power Show.com