Women at Work: Blurring the Lines of Demarcation

Women in startup business and entrepreneurship. Yound devoted female AI programmers and IT software developers team programming on desktop computer in startup company share office space.

Working women in India have to face more than stereotypes and low payment. The struggle to stand among their male counterparts in the workforce is often undermined and subjected to bias. However, women in the workplace in 2021 are at their best in placing themselves as successful individuals. They are entrepreneurs, women at work, or going to work, in the Indian workforce. To celebrate the lives of such women, let’s read some of their inspirational stories.

What do we understand by ‘women at work’? Is work only synonymous with the corporate world or a job that only ends in earning money? What about the status of homemakers in India?  The nation, family, and communities all benefit from working women and the contributions they make. While in the past they were only bound to household chores, however, today we can find many young women at work writing their own success stories.

Your Voice, Your Income!

Who says you have to be employed in a multinational company to embrace success? You can be an entrepreneur, a singer, and a voice-over artist simultaneously. All you need is a mic, an audio interface, a laptop, and practice. This way source of income is not limited to one but many. Tanya Nambiar, who has all three talents, runs a sauce business with her husband reaches out to the people. Her story inspires young women to look for new platforms to find one’s place in this world.

Wheels on the Road

Women are said to be calm and patient, and Pratima Poddar uses these while steering the wheels on the roads of Kolkata in the traffic. Breaking stereotypes, Pratima and her husband work together on a bus. The latter is the conductor on the same bus. They work to make their ends meet with a perspective that seems more farfetched in our thoughts. Supporting the wife and speaking on her work, the husband believes hard work and faith in oneself can break any pillars of obstacles on the way.

What to Do?

You don’t need to be Pratima or Nambiar and can be ‘you’ in your best way. All you need to do is keep faith in yourself and your skills. The digital world has opened up an ample amount of opportunities for women.  The different platforms are also available to showcase one’s talent. So, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you will have to begin to think differently and transform that idea into reality. The world is yours pick your call, and become the young women at work changing lives and society.

Say Yes to Change!

Each day is a new beginning. The women in the workplace in 2021 are changing for the best.  Though the statistics may not be impressive, women are making their way for financial independence. An entrepreneur that sells self-made scented candles or a content creator working from home, each woman is taking their little steps to progress and success. So, celebrate the woman you are and erase the boundaries limiting you.