Yeaster VoIP Gateways Telephone System


Yeaster Dubai provides business communication to enhance productivity for the business. Yeaster offers more reliable and effective VoIP telephony products for medium-sized enterprises. It facilitates healthier connections and speedy connectivity to grow the business. Yeaster VoIP Gateways Dubai bridge the space between the telephony interfaces to provide dial tone to most Yeaster Phone Systems in Dubai. Yeaster VoIP Gateways Dubai provides many configuration systems and an easy way of the conjunction of IP-based phone systems. Yeaster can connect legacy devices to cost-saving SIP phone systems. Yeaster Phone System Dubai has a web-based configuration, SIP trunk supporter, IP blacklist, Transport Protocol, LAN, FAX, Echo cancellation, etc.

Features of Yeaster VoIP Gateways Dubai:-

1. These devices can connect legacy PBX to VoIP services.
2. Yeaster VoIP Gateways Dubai supports up to 30/60 concurrent calls.
3. It helps to utilize the power of VoIP communication.
4. Yeaster has many series which provided several advanced features including open VPN for remote connectivity.
5. It supports GSM to VoIP calling and can be configured with any telephone system that supports SIP Protocol.
6. It has some different inbuilt features such as call waiting, auto/manual carrier selection, caller ID/CLIR, and call status display.
7. The Yeaster VoIP Gateways comes with incorporated modern call features which work on excellent communication experience at a cheap price.
8. Yeaster gateways are easy to use as it has friendly GUI which accords the interface uses an easy experience in installing and operating it.
9. The Yeaster Gateway comes with efficient call features such as Least Cost Routing with the Bulk SMS Service which allows you to send numerous messages at once.
10. The powerful Yeaster VoIP gateways Dubai supports a number of audio codecs which is built specifically for the production of human speech.

Yeastar Voip Gateways Dubai

Yeaster Phone Systems – For Small Businesses:-

Yeaster opts by everyone because it is trusted by more than 350,000 customers in over 100 countries. It especially helps in growing business in a well-mannered way for digital transformation. It is the best telephony solution for business communication. It is stable, more efficient than other devices, innovative, and provides exactly what it’s designed for.


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